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  • Plugin Author Vladimir Garagulia


    Thanks for letting me know about that discussion.
    By default WordPress assigns only one role to the user. BBPress started to use multi-role feature: it assigns more than 1 role to the user at once and does that on the fly. Other members plugins could overwrite that assigning users its own roles, by one only.
    User Role Editor doesn’t assign roles to the user itself. That’s a WordPress job.
    The only issue which could be met according to mentioned discussion – if you try to change and save with User Role Editor some of dynamically created roles, which don’t exist at the database, you can corrupt roles data. I will try to check that information to know if User Role Editor should have some fix in answer of this potential “danger”.

    Have you figured out anything yet? I got the same problem. Forums return 404 error.

    Well that turned out to be quite simple. In “User Role Editor -> Custom Capabilities” there are some new features that you have to enable in order to view and write in the forum. Simple as that!

    Plugin Author Vladimir Garagulia


    I worked on the problem. As the result I made update to the User Role Editor. It is not published yet, but available as Beta version from this link
    I wrote the post about new bbPress role model and how it influenced on User Role Editor:

    Thus, you don’t need to add bbPress capabilities to any blog role editing them with User Role Editor or other similar plugin. In order to return users ability to view and write to your bbPress forums go through users list and open their profiles and assign them second, bbPress related role. Use drop-down list at the bottom of user profile page for that.
    According to that, bbPress roles are excluded from User Role Editor starting from version 3.9, which will be available soon, after additional testing.

    Good you are working on it Vladimir, because my fix did not fix everything after all. You can let users write in the forum, but capabilities like “edit” will not show no matter what you do.

    I will test your 3.9 beta, and I look forward to the release 🙂

    Sad to say, v3.9 did no difference to my site. If you want to check it out I can give you access Vladimir.

    Plugin Author Vladimir Garagulia


    URE should not fix that problem itself. At 3.9 I just closed ability to edit bbPress dynamically created roles directly. Did you assign to the user, who don’t see forum pages at least ‘Spectator’ additional bbPress role?

    Yes all users have been assigned to “Spectator”.

    Plugin Author Vladimir Garagulia


    OK, let me take a look on your site. Please send user credentials with administrator role to vladimir [at-sign]

    I have the error. I am using a plugin to make my forum private and redirect users to login before they can see it. Participants got a Page Not Found message when they try to navigate to any forums beyond the main forum start page. I can make their accounts access the forum pages by following Valdimir’s suggestion:

    In order to return users ability to view and write to your bbPress forums go through users list and open their profiles and assign them second, bbPress related role.

    Just opening the drop down list and making the user a subscriber again and saving the profile, fixes the issue. It would be annoying if you have lots of users and you will need to do it for all new users, but it works.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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