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    When I am writing and editing a new post on WordPress 5.0, I get some weird results if I am typing while the editor decides to start autosaving. When autosaving, the cursor is automatically moved to the start of the block and then anything that I type will also send the cursor to the start of the block so that what I type shows up backwards in a place that I did not want it to be in the first place. This is extremely annoying behavior that is hindering me enough in my writing that I signed up to just to send you this report. Any idea why this is happening? Can I disable autosave so that it does not get me out of my writing flow every 60 seconds or so? Thanks

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  • I asked in the #core-editor channel in Slack and got this response:

    There’s a trac ticket reporting a similar issue. If that sounds correct, it would be helpful to add this user’s browser info to the ticket. (Which should probably also be moved to GitHub at some point, but I’m not sure what that flow is like)

    Of course, that doesn’t actually answer your question about disabling auto-save.
    You might want to install the Classic Editor plugin, or write your text somewhere and paste it into the editor, until they get this bug fixed.

    Search your wp-config.php file and open it with an text editor.
    Look for @package WordPress and put define('AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL', 86400); after it.
    Make sure its “active” and not commented out with * */.
    Give it a safe. 86400s equals one day. You shouldnt have problems anymore with autosave.

    I don’t know about the auto-saving but the cursor issue is driving me nuts.

    It keeps jumping to the beginning of the paragraph or the beginning of the first paragraph of the post, or sometimes just to the beginning of the row. It’s impossible to edit because I never know where the cursor will jump to and I just end up jumbling all my writing… Please help

    Same. Exact. Issue – honestly I really dislike this new update 5.0 Gutenberg business, so buggy and so badly implemented. Grr. Makes it so difficult to edit anything now – and increases total editing time thrice-fold, so not worth it, am falling out of love with WordPress at an alarming rate.

    Ditto. Super disappointing. I had high hopes for Gutenberg but how can they expect that people will ever want to use it if it’s totally unusable on their first interaction with it, which for most people will be while using the text editor block.

    Perhaps this is only an issue with Firefox?

    Correction: I found the source of this issue. In my case it was a 7 year old plugin: WP SyntaxHighlighter. I replaced it with a recent fork to fix that up. Autosave continues, but it no longer causes cursor jumping issues 🙂

    Those encountering this problem still should try:
    1. Clearing their server-side (if using a caching plugin) and browser cache
    2. Updating, Disabling and/or replacing *any* plugins that might hook into the admin text editor

    @sean777 I tried your suggestion but it still autosaves every 60 seconds, any idea why that might be? I put define(‘AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL’, 86400); at the very end of the file, there’s nothing after it.


    @katerila Hey, i think in this case its important that you put the define(‘AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL’, 86400); at the the top of the file after @package.
    Please make sure that it looks like in the screenshot attached.

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    @sean777 I moved it there now and it still keeps autosaving every minute. Sometimes it even gets stuck on autosaving forever and I have to close out.. I hate this update so much :/

    I had this issue and narrowed it down to my theme: Mai Lifestyle Pro. Reached out to the theme developer and awaiting help.

    Also the Pods plugin and CMB2 plugins have been identified as creating this behavior as well.

    @dleigh I’ve not seen this issue with Pods at all. Did you open a Bug Report with us to let us know so we can try to replicate what you’re seeing?

    Also the Pods plugin and CMB2 plugins have been identified as creating this behavior as well.

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    No I didn’t. I had installed Pods awhile back with a possible use scenario but never got around to using it (I guess I found another solution – don’t remember). Anyway, I was searching for this problem and found an issue in the Gutenberg git repository where Pods was mentioned as the culprit for one of the posters (as well as the CMB2 for another poster). So I remembered having installed Pods earlier and sure enough it was activated. I deactivated it and the problem stopped. As I’m not a current Pods user I didn’t pursue it further.

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