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  • Good evening, I am having a couple of issues relating to displaying archives in my new custom theme.

    My first issue is that when when a user clicks on a post tag eg “Tony Blar” this does not take them to a list of all posts tagged “Tony Blair,” instead it takes them to a standard archive my month and categoy. My question is how do I get these tags to link to tag specific archive pages.

    My second issue relates to category archives. The theme that I have developd is a magazine theme, if a user click on the “House of Common’s” category on the main nav bar this will take them to page displaying the five most recent posts in the category displayed in two columns. This has been acheived by using category template pages eg “category-21.php.” At the bottom of this page there is a link which reads “More Common’s stories…” I would like this link to link to a full archive of that categoty, but it just links back to the current page which as mentioned only displays the 5 most recent posts. How to I make this link link to a full list of post from that category.

    You can see these issues in actions by visiting my site at

    i do hope you can help me out with these issues

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  • As far as your first issue goes, I just ran into the same thing on a site I am developing. What I discovered is that tag pages lead down to the archive.php page if nothing else is specified (my archive page was altered and was also showing all posts when used as a tag page).

    I found this page about the tag page hierarchy:

    What I ended up doing was creating a new tag.php page which looked like my original archive.php page (before I modified it). Once I did that and uploaded tag.php to the server, it immediately used that page and only showed the correctly tagged posts.

    Hope this helps!

    @shedonist thanks v much for that i worked first time, now all I have to do is the styling… bring on the CSS 🙂

    Does anyone have any advice on how to solve my second issue.

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