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  • Hi!
    I am running WP on a SQLite database because I am preparing a site for a host that does not by default provide MySQL. All’s well with that generally but I have just tried to activate and use the Advanced Events Registration plugin (and the vanilla Events Registration one before that) and both throw errors, e.g.
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysql_query() in /var/www/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/advanced-events-registration/includes/event_regis_dashboard_widget.php on line 205
    I am guessing that any calls to mysql_foo are going to fail if the plugin is trying to go direct to MySQL rather than through an abstraction layer. The code also calls mysql_num_fields, mysql_fetch_assoc, mysql_fetch_array, mysql_num_rows, mysql_result at various places.

    Is there any way round this or will I just have to move to MySQL if I want to use this plugin?

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  • Just to update this:

    I have now moved the database back to mySQL from SQLite. The possible benefits of using SQLite seem to be outweighed by the problems caused by using it. So I don’t have a ‘problem’ here now. (Although, the question is still there in the back of my mind…)

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