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  • Hi,

    I am having problems when trying to update any kind of data in the Product Data table. For example, when I change the stock status and update the product page, every single details are gone (even the featured image).

    I verified the apache/php log file and there is no error message.

    I also have installed the following plugins : Volcanic, WPML, Google Maps and a custom theme (Sommerce).

    Please advise quickly.

    Many thanks.

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  • Roy Ho


    I would turn off all plugins except WooCommerce and re-test. You could very well have a conflict somewhere.

    I already did this test and it didn’t solve the issue.

    Roy Ho


    Try also switching the theme to 2012.

    When I switched my website from a staging environment to production, I did a “search and replace” thing on the database dump for changing URL.

    Is this could have something to do with this issue ?

    Roy Ho


    Anything is possible at this point. I suggest you create a totally separate temporary site with no custom theme and no plugins except WooCommerce on a fresh install and see if that works, then you will know if this is only happening to your custom site.

    Hello again!

    I have deactivated the WPML plugin on my WordPress website and everything is now working. I am using the latest version of WPML and WooCommerce. Is there something I miss ?

    On some products, when I save, every single details in the “Product Details” box disappear.


    Roy Ho


    On my first reply to you I said for you to turn off all plugins except WC and you stated you did but didn’t resolve the issue. So I am confuse why now you’re saying it works when WPML is turned off…??

    I’m also confuse.. It didn’t work when I turned off every plugins except WC.

    However, the issue seems to be caused by WPML.

    Roy Ho


    As a temporary fix can you not just turn off WPML everytime you’re working with WC and turn it back on after? Will that work for time being? Because it sounds like issues are only happening in the backend right? Frontend is fine with WPML and WC together?

    Yes frontend is working perfectly.

    The only thing is that on some products, when my client save the product details.. once the save is completed, every details are deleted.

    No we cannot do that because we have a lot of changes to make.

    We do not need any wordaround solutions since our website is selling a great amount of products per day. Therefore, we are looking for a permanent fix/solution.

    Please advise

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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