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    Hi there, I’m experiencing a couple of issues using LiteSpeed Cache with BuddyPress.

    1. Users can’t edit and update their profile fields without ‘members/*’ added to the Excludes > ‘Do Not Cache URIs’
    2. Users can’t delete private messages without ‘members’ added to the Excludes > ‘Do Not Cache URIs’

    Excluding these means, that most members actions in BuddyPress can’t be cached

    Report number: SLLYSYBF
    Report date: 11/16/2019 23:56:10


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  • I’d also be interested to know this. Perhaps native BuddyPress and bbPress support could be added to the plugin, just like Woocommerce?

    Hi all, we have support script for bbPress and Woocommerce. If you find any issue related to these plugins please feel free to let us know.

    For the BuddyPress issue, @carsten-lund we are checking on it now, we will prepare purge function for edit, update the profile and delete the message hook.



    Hi @carsten-lund, please try this version which we’ve added BuddyPress support on /thirdparty/lscwp-3rd-buddy-press.cls.php.

    For the private message, we found it’s loaded by Ajax so it will not be cached, as your site is protected, could you help me to confirm the message page behaviour is the different?

    Carsten Lund


    Hi Stanley, thanks for the update, which fixed the first issue with updating profiles, but not the second issue, deleting private messages, which is still not possible.


    Hi Stanley and Carsten i’m about to embark on launching a site using litespeed cache and buddypress also …… is there a chance you can fix the deleting private message issue ?

    is there any other issues i need to be aware of in buddypress ?

    Stanley the link above does not work can you please post a new one ?

    can someone please advise me on using this plugin with buddypress and what the plugin handles and what it doesn’t meaning what am i allowed to cache and what buddypress pages should i exclude?

    also as mentions in this thread to confirm woocommerce is good to go now without any special settings in your plugin?

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    Hi @ds123, here’s the new download link:

    I will send you the fixed version for deleting private message later.

    Yes, we’ve original support with Woocommerce and do not require special setting.

    Hi Stanley, regarding the delete private messages issue, please also check out the Messages Select Bulk Action drop down option for marking messages as read/unread, as it does not work either with Litespeed activated.



    I’m having a few problems with Buddypress also, changing the profile picture doesn’t update because of caching.

    I’d love to try this modified version, but won’t it break all my existing settings?

    The links aren’t working ?

    Hi there, I can’t say for sure my issues is caused by LiteSpeed, but since it has been activated, I have experienced several issues in the core BuddyPress functionality, even with the plugin deactivated, is LiteSpeed leaving any trace after deactivation or deletion?

    Issues I’m experiencing:

    1. Some profile fields the Primary group, are not displayed in the Signup Page. (* Fields in this group appear on the signup page.) I have tried to recreate these fields with new ID’s, but with same result. Some other Drop Down Select boxes are present.

    2. Profile fields can’t be edited, it returns to the latest saved data.

    3. Messages can’t be deleted, or starmarked, or marked as read/unread.


    Hi all, you can download the zip from this permanent link.

    @carsten-lund if you deactivated LiteSpeed plugin, all the cache will be stopped. You can check on the request header to see does X-Litespeed-Cache header still here.

    Hi there, I’m using memcache for object caching, for dynamic BuddyPress pages, but I’m not sure I’m getting any result out of this.

    For the rest of the pages I have Enabled the general LiteSpeed Cache.

    The question is, if I should exclude BP members pages, members/, members/* in the settings, or if this have any effect when the object caching is activated as well?

    Which settings should I use for cache when using object cache as well, will LiteSpeed detect the content, like dynamic BP content, and automatically select the cache for the pages?


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