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    I seem to be having a problem all of sudden after last update.
    When people sign up they are not being added to the list right away and I’m getting notification of their signup from the website.

    Even though under settings I have the two check boxes checked for:
    Disable Notification and Bypass Constant Contact Cron. I have unchecked both for testing and rechecked. No change.

    I have also tried to reconnect my account. No luck.
    And the final thing I noticed is under lists, it is not Syncing the lists using the manual link.

    Not seeing any error logs on server.
    I’m running PHP 5.6
    Any solutions I might try?
    Thanks for your help.

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    Part of the changes in 1.3.6 were aimed around the topic of sending an email, even if the disable email notifications setting was set, when the form was not associated with a list, OR the opt in was not checked, when the site owner is requiring it. This was so that the site owners didn’t lose submissions that would have gone into proverbial limbo.

    If you’re not seeing a list of constant contact lists in that appropriate spot, I wonder if it’s having trouble connecting and making the associations all of a sudden.

    If things don’t clear up and resume soon, would you email and mention “WordPress Forum Support” as part of the subject, and we’ll get Michael in contact with you for further debugging.


    Thanks for the reply. I will give it 24 hours and see if it resolves on it’s own.

    It does sound like maybe it is working as intended by sending me notification if it can’t add to a list (Thank goodness). I’m not using the opt-in option, just entering info and submit.

    It does show the lists I have, and I have the form connected to a specific list. But when I try to manually sync it doesn’t get a correct updated # of contacts for each list. Which probably means it is an issue connecting to the CC account.

    I will follow up at that email if issues continue.
    Thanks for your help.

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    Sounds good, thanks.

    I believe I identified the issue. The emails that are being submitted are blacklisted/spam email addresses (Google search revealed). I’m assuming that Constant Contact is rejecting them from being added to the list, so that is triggering the notification and not adding them to the list.

    That could get annoying getting all these notifications for the spam email submissions. Is there any way to bypass the notification if Constant Contact is rejecting the email?

    Other issue still is occurring, but isn’t that important.
    It retrieves my current available lists but doesn’t update the current contact count.

    Thanks again for your help.

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    Interesting findings.

    To clarify the new notification setup with 1.3.6, if you have connected your account, and you have a list associated with the created form, it should try to submit to the account list. If you have the email notifications disabled, then you shouldn’t receive a notification. However, if you don’t have the list associated, then you would receive the notification. In case you’re not afraid to check out the database and postmeta tables, the meta key we used to store the list is _ctct_list.

    The other situation that may result in notifications is if you’ve chosen to have the opt-in option added to the form output as well, and the user submitted without checking that. It would not result in attempting to add them to the list in but would send the email notification so that their submission as a whole is not lost.

    Previously it was thought that the opt-in option was needed to be added to the list as a whole, but that was not actually the case, and you can have users added to lists without it.

    Neither of these situations, and the resulting notification, is in response to emails found in blacklisted email banks or due to a rejection by

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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