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    I am currently trying to convert one of my domains to a multi-site, where the ultimate goal is to haven the currently live site under a sub-domain. I made a dev environment to have a place to safely practice the process, and the last issue I’m having is with my Envira Galleries.

    To ensure everything matches, once I make the new site, I kill and recreate the _posts and _postmeta tables of the new site to fully match the original site, and then run find-replace processes on these tables to adjust for the proper new URLs. This has ensured that all media library objects are correctly seen and linked with their new file locations. Save for a few other settings (such as menus and widgets), everything works perfectly from these tables outside of the galleries, which has been a real head scratcher. Unless I’m missing something, the only differences I’m seeing are the intended URL differences between the sites. For reference, here are _eg_gallery_data contents from both:

    Working (dev sub-domain) –
    Not-working ( sub-domain) –

    Where this gets even weirder is that I can take the working data from dev, copy it into’s table, and the galleries no longer show as empty, though the images load from dev’s URLs and not’s. Is there something I am possibly overlooking? I have checked other tables for Envira data, and save for a few entries in the _options table which match just fine, I am not seeing anything.

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  • Hi @marioknight,

    Are you using Lite or do you have a license? If you have a license, make sure to use our official website for support.

    Anyway, since you migrated sites and did a raw find/replace for the domain in the database, the serialized data wouldn’t have been properly updated.

    To correct this, you can redo the find/replace with a plugin like:

    Thank you.

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    I am using Lite currently, am definitely considering getting a license in the future pending potential expansions.

    Thank you for that information and plugin recommendation, while I’m still curious as to where that data resides, I redid my site creation process from the start, used the plugin instead of raw find-replaces, and now the galleries are working fully as intended. Since this worked so well in dev, I’m confident that there will be no issues when I perform everything on the live site. Thank you very much for your help and quick response!

    You’re welcome. 🙂

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