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  • So I just tried to restrict the API key with the IP option and enabled it and added my IP address as:

    But then when I go to my video page, it’s now telling me:

    Sorry, there was a YouTube API error: The calling IP address does not match the IP restrictions configured on the API key. Please use the API Console to update your key restrictions.

    So who/what/where is this “Calling IP” coming from that it would have a much different IP than my website domain?

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    What happens when you include the calling IP address in that error message?

    Finally, for the http referral, you can try adding ** to the restrictions for your referrers.



    Hmm, so now I tried that Calling IP and it still continued to work.

    Then I re-tried my actual IP and it actually worked & didn’t break this time.

    I had some issues lately with my server having tons of malware because of an old WP install. This must have been affected by it because I have had the malware cleaned up (hopefully all of it) fairly recently and now everything seems to be ok.

    But I’m curious as to the Calling IP, where would I find out more information about what this IP is attached to or where it’s coming from?

    Should I remove my IP from this public message or it’s no big deal?

    Now that the IP Restriction seems to be working, do I need to worry about adding the HTTP referrer Restriction anymore? I just need to do one of them to have a properly Restricted API right? I don’t need to add multiple Restrictions?



    Nope nevermind, using my websites correct IP gives me the same error message of the Calling IP of 50.XXXX not matching

    So what’s the deal, any idea?

    Still stuck on this with an un-restricted youtube API

    Anyone have an idea what I’m missing?




    Solved for me by adding my domains and googleapi domain like so under Website Restrictions (HTTP referrers):

    • **
    • **
    • **

    Fixes the error in EmbedPlus YouTube Pro WP Plugin via the Google Cloud Platform API Keys Credentials.

    @embedplus I recommend that you update your instructional video to use http referrers instead of ip addresses for application restrictions, so people won’t get stuck.

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Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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