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  • Hey everyone, newbie here. I wanted to know if it is a common issue that I’m having with the new site that I just purchased and installed WordPress on, as I will briefly describe:

    – I can only view and manipulate sub-domains of my website. An example of this would be On my particular site here, it is 100% possible to view and work with subdomains that I create, but the main directory ( gives me this message: “This site is under development”. I understand if this is a ridiculously low level question, but I’m trying my hand at this and I am completely new to this whole process. If I could get a link on how to directly manipulate that main domain address, that’d be awesome.

    – The theme I’m using seems not to be “preview-able” on my current laptop, windows XP. I can view the web pages that are functional on the website, but I seem to have problems using the preview function when making a post. Because of this, I have to actually publish a post in order to see it.

    If need be I can provide additional information.

    Also, it is late tonight and I will have to view this thread in the morning to reply. I appreciate any feedback however.

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  • If that happened to me I would temporarily switch the theme back to TwentyThirteen, ensure that all plugins are disabled, and check the site again to see whether WordPress is correctly installed.

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