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  • If you haven’t found a solution yet, this is what I had to do to fix the problem:

    -deactivate & uninstall the woocommerce plugin. (this will not remove any products you may already have set up)

    -go to to download a previous version of woocommerce, 3.9.3

    -upload the woocommerce 3.9.3 plugin and activate it.

    -log in to your Gooten account to connect your store.

    When I did this, it gave me a message that something wasn’t right, but it did connect. After I confirmed the connection, I upgraded back to the current version of woocommerce, and the connection with Gooten still works. It’s a pain in the butt to have to do all this to make it work, so if you don’t have the patience for it, I recommend Printful. Their plugin is much more current and I have zero issues with their integration, and am using them as my primary service. I’m only trying to use Gooten for products that Printful does not have.

    Good luck in your endeavor.

    Thanks, your solution works!

    But we can upgrade after this to Woo 4.0?

    Yes. You can upgrade back to the current version of Woocommerce after you’ve connected to Gooten and it will still work. 🙂

    hmm i still get the same error, downgraded woo to 3.9.3 activated tried connecting store and same error and not connected.

    There’s only 2 possibilities that I can think of as to why it is still not working for you. The first possibility you can check within your site’s backend:

    1) Go to Settings > Permalinks: make sure it is set to anything other than Plain
    2) Go to Woocommerce > Settings and click on the Advanced tab. Click on Legacy API and make sure that it is enabled.

    After you have done the above, try to connect your store with Gooten again. *Make sure you enter your domain name WITHOUT https://, and that it matches how you have it set up in WordPress (with or without the www.) If it still does not work for you, take a look at and see any of that info is related to the error you are receiving.

    The 2nd possibility would be some kind of security setting your webhost provider has on their servers, in which case you will need to contact their support team for assistance.

    Thank you for the help, it didn’t work however. My settings were all correct.

    I did notice that in the “rest api” section of the woocommerce settings i see that access keys were given.

    Also printful and printify’s plugins both worked flawlessly.

    There is nothing in the gooten help doc related to my issue.

    I am not even sure what to ask my hosting service.

    Strange. If you are seeing API keys for Gooten in REST API, then “technically” your store is connected.

    Log into your Gooten account, and click on Product Hub and then click on Woo. Does it show your store name? If it does, then you are connected and can start creating products, and you will be able to upgrade Woocommerce to the current version, and Gooten will still work.

    If Printful and Printify are working, then there isn’t anything your host provider can do.

    Beyond that, I am stumped because the Gooten plugin is working for me.

    I couldn’t get this Gooten plugin to work either, and just transferred an entire workflow to Printful.

    Gooten’s advice is to downgrade Woo Commerce to many versions ago 3.9 (somehow save your database), then connect, then re-upgrade WooCommerce, then reconnect your data… Um, no thanks. I hate it when a solution is likely to cause devastating problems and more time if you mess it up.

    The support just isn’t there for this. Connecting was incredibly smooth with Printful. It is the best of the three right now with Woo. I also have connected to Printify, but still exploring if I can use them both or not.

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