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  • Hello there and thank you for keeping up with this plugin!

    I have a number of issues and a few suggestions though, you might find them interesting.

    1st issue: The delete local avatar link doesn´t work. (UL: Subscriber, works with admin account though.)

    2nd issue: Newly uploaded avatar wont save. Whether or not there is an avatar set before… (UL: Subscriber, works with admin account though)

    As a suggestion I would love two things:

    1st suggestion:
    Make the rating field display optional PLEASE.

    2nd suggestion:
    Implement a link field to put a link to a local default avatar. I use the Default Gravatar Sans Plugin now but there really is no reason to split this in two plugins. Please add this feature and you´re on the right track here 😉

    Tell me when there is something I can do to help!

    Completely forgot: Subscribers have no Dashboard access, it all happens on the front end. (

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  • Plugin Author Jake Goldman


    Hmm. Definitely tested 1 & 2 with Subscriber accounts. Guessing it’s the front end issues. Will look at theme my login…

    On suggestions:

    (1) Why? What does it hurt by being there and defaulting to “G”?

    (2) Will consider. Still seems kind of outside of the scope of the plug-in, but thinking about it.

    Please tell me you have an older version downloadable somewhere in case this wont work with TML now? 😉

    1: The looks do. I have to hard code it out with every update now. It´s just a suggestion, maybe other people would like that option too and then one day you can do it or not if no one else asks for it.

    2: That is actually kinda easy, look at the plugin code of the other plugin. It says it was built to be used alongside yours so they surely wont mind you implementing this feature yourself. For the sake of easiness and keeping plugins to a minimum.

    Had the same problem as described in 1.

    Was able to remove the ratings-selection form via CSS by including an own CSS in admin-area, e.g. file ../your-theme/wp-admin/css/profile-fields.css with this content:

    tr > td > fieldset#simple-local-avatar-ratings {
    	display: none;

    Unfortunately the headline <th scope="row"><?php _e('Rating'); ?></th> can not be hidden like that so I added (and would suggest to the plugin author to add in next release) a classname to the th in simple-local-avatars.php, line 275, e.g. <th scope="row" class="simple-local-avatar-rating-headline"><?php _e('Rating'); ?></th>

    Then the headline can be hidden as well via CSS like this:

    tr > th.simple-local-avatar-rating-headline {
    	display: none;

    Here a simple example to add CSS for everybody besides admin to backend via functions.php:

    if ( is_admin() ) {
    	function ov3rfly_customize_profile_fields() {
    		if ( !current_user_can( 'administrator' ) ) {
    			echo '<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="' . get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . '/wp-admin/css/profile-fields.css" />' . "\n";
    	add_action( 'show_user_profile', 'ov3rfly_customize_profile_fields' );
    	add_action( 'edit_user_profile', 'ov3rfly_customize_profile_fields' );

    And a small add-on CSS, if you do not want to show your users the “choose from Media Library” button:

    a#simple-local-avatar-media {
    	display: none;

    Just wanted to echo these earlier posts about adding an option to remove the rating stuff from public view. This would be a huge help to me on a bbpress site where I want things to be as simple as possible for users. It’s an education-related site so they see just the word x-rated and they freak out.

    I tried Ov3rfly’s solution and it removed the field but left some lines dangling in its place unfortunately.

    Matt Rad


    I’d also like to see ratings optional rather than hiding with CSS. It’s nice if you need it, but clutter otherwise.

    Definitely need the option to remove the rating which is quite useless considering that the avatars are local anyway.

    A suggestion would be auto crop options. Because if you get an image to big, it’s not resizing, and thus cutting out quite a lot of the picture. Maybe make it auto fit to the square.

    edited: wrong thread moved here

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