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  • Andrei



    I just upgraded from Arjuna 1.3.6 to the latest version and a couple of things started to go wrong:

    1. text-align:justify for my blog posts dissapeared (it was added inline on p elements)
    2. in the Arjuna options, I cannot deactivate RSS/LinkedIn/Twitter/FB buttons. They are checked and they stay checked. If I uncheck them and then save, nothing happens (says the changes were saved, but they are still checked and present on the site).

    Can anybody help?

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  • I am Having the same problem with the RSS/Twitter Links



    the dissapearance of formatting seems to be related more to WP than to the Arjuna plugin.

    But the issue with social media buttons is really annoying. I had to go into the DB and edit the JSON settings to disable them.

    For RSS, also, the icon is never displayed, just two long annoying text links (any “label” that is set in the config appears as plain text next to the text links without any formatting).

    Has this issue been fixed with the latest version 1.6.7?



    No, i am using 1.6.7 right now and the issue exist.

    What is your URL?

    My friends: I updated my WP 3.1.1 to a premium theme (Alyeska) and now my ADMIN page opens totally blank. Any insights on that? Thank you very much!
    Mário Salimon
    Brasília, Brazil



    My URL is

    However, like I mentioned earlier, I edited the DB directly to hide all the buttons.

    Wouldn’t trouble me so much if at least the RSS would use the icon instead of the long text links.

    If I managed to get some time on my hands I will try to debug the code.

    Another (kindof) issue: is there no way to have Arjuna keep the settings between upgrades (like read the old serialized settings and used them to overwrite the defaults on the new one before updating the values in the db) ? I only upgraded twice but every time I lost all the settings (which took some time to make) including a pretty long and detailed custom CSS (which now I have to once again redo from scratch).

    Unfortunately, I am unable to debug the issue with your RSS buttons as you have disabled them.

    As for the upgrade procedures, if you have upgraded from 1.3.x or 1.5.x, please note that most of the settings have been revamped. Since the 1.6.x branch, a proper upgrade mechanism has been included as well, allowing us to include upgrade profiles for any future upgrades. In other words, this should not be an issue anymore from now on.




    My mistake for the previous post. When I opened the thread, I had just updated to 1.6.5 via the automatic update in WordPress. Yesterday I updated to Arjuna 1.6.7 and the issues are fixed! All the buttons behave normally.

    I’ll hijack this thread for an upgrade related issue:
    Since updating from 1.6.7 to 1.6.10, my second header menu dropdown can’t be disabled. It shows up as “No dropdown menu” in the settings page, but the menus still have dropdowns.



    Another issue on my side:
    If I add a widget to a sidebar, the default Arjuna widgets remain (even though the config specifies they appear only if the widget bar is empty) and the added widget looks awful (it is forced to occupy half the width of the bar and is right-aligned).

    I put the Meta widget in the bar as example.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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