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  • I agree to woktoss that the new upgrade is wonderful and much friendly for user.

    Please help me too, my facebook share is not loaded when the new post shows, the twitter button works using twttr.widgets.load();

    but seems that FB.XFBML.parse(); is not working for me.

    My Site

    Confirm, Picture always default.

    issues for me after update:
    1: custom load picture doesn’t work.
    2: Complication with loading pictures through Simple Lightbox on pages that has been loaded through infinite scroll.

    Hi everyone!

    I appreciate the new interface but the plugin seemed to be not functioning [].
    Is there a way to downgrade back to the last working version?

    Plugin Contributor beaver6813


    Hi Guys,
    Looking into these issues now, we’ll track it over on the main infinite-scroll Github. (

    For the custom load picture, its a bit convoluted at the moment which we need to work on, basically you have to upload the picture and then copy the link WordPress gives you and then paste it into the field next to the upload button… Obviously not the most intuitive way of it working.

    For now I’ve created a tag of the prior version at which you should be able to use without any issues.

    thx for the link!. 🙂

    do you need a link where you can see what i’m referring to regarding Simple lightbox in connection with infinite load not working.?

    apparently the error with simple lightbox is also there in earlier versions

    Plugin Contributor beaver6813


    @woktoss I can’t seem to reproduce the selector settings not saving issue, could you give a bit more information? What version of WordPress are you using, any other plugins that might conflict, theme name etc? Also, did you upgrade from the previously latest infinite-scroll plugin?

    Plugin Contributor beaver6813


    @mwinyi Yep a link would be really helpful in debugging, if you could either post on here or message me privately. Are you using a callback to reload the lightbox for new posts?

    @sheyshelman Could you either paste the full callback code you’re using for the facebook buttons? (Along with the name of the plugin you’re using?) Need to be able to reproduce on my end before we can fix.

    I’ve reproduced the custom image issues and opened some tickets on Github to track them.


    answers to your questions:

    – Upon changing the values of selectors and clicking save, the values revert back to default after page reloads… in retrospect, my manual selector values were incorrect… would incompatible values force system to reject them, and automatically reinstate default values?

    – I’m using the newest version of WordPress.

    – Previous Infinite Scroll (v. 2.0b2.121120) didn’t conflict with my plugins… my hunch is that v. 2.5 won’t either.

    – I tried both upgrading from previous version as well as installing fresh… said issues existed in both accounts.

    I have already restored back to v. 2.0b2.121120 via full website backup restoration, which is working just fine… I will try to upgrade again at a later time when the custom loader is resolved.


    Was there a security vulnerability in previous version prompting the 2.5 upgrade?

    Plugin Contributor beaver6813


    Thanks for the feedback, we’re still working on identifying some of the issues and will be releasing an update shortly that should address some of them (in particular the custom loading image and the quote escaping of the loading/end messages).

    The 2.5 upgrade has been available in the Github repo for some time now, we’ve just been testing (though obviously not enough) to ensure there weren’t any issues on release. Its a full rewrite of the 2.0b2 branch that aims to make use of WordPress 3.0+ functions to optimize loading times. There aren’t any known security issues with the 2.0b2.121120 version so you’re safe to revert back to that for now.

    Plugin Author Glenn Nelson



    Version 2.6 of the plugin has been released. This release should fix the problems with 2.5

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    @glenn it still doens’t work after the upgrade. The navigation buttons are invisible as they should be, but it won’t auto-load any new content, I don’t see the loading bar either. The settings are the same as the 2.0 version, so I guess something is still broken..

    Plugin Author Glenn Nelson


    @dannydekr Do you have a link to your site that I could see?

    The problem is that I can’t enable 2.6 because the webshop is up and running with customers surfing the website at the moment, so 2.0 is running right now, which works fine.

    If you need any information from my setup, feel free to ask.

    I use the latest version of WordPress (3.4.2), Woocommerce and everything is up to date.

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