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  • Hello all,

    i am having an issue with by WP install when I write or edit a news post. While I am typing in the “Visual” tab, everything looks good, there are line breaks and everything that I put in. In this example I will not even touch any of the buttons that would change styles, I am just typing text and pressing enter for a new line or 2.

    When I switch to the “Code” tab, all of the line breaks are ignored and there is just a long string of text, all of the paragraphs are mashed together, and I have to go back to the Visual tab I have to go in and manually use the “Alignment” buttons on each paragraph just to get the paragraphs to have the proper breaks between them.

    Even if I don’t switch to “Code” view and simply press publish, the same thing happens. All of the text appears as one long paragraph, all line breaks are ignored, and I have to go back and manually add everything to get the styling back.

    How to I make WordPress automatically wrap paragraphs in the p tag OR how to I make WordPress automatically convert line breaks into the BR tags?

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