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  • When running WPML, I only see the pages of the default language listed under the Pages section in the dropdown. Translations of these pages do not appear.

    So, for example if I select to display a widget on a specific page, when I view the translation of this page on the front-end, I am unable to see the widget, which means it is being displayed on the original page only, not its translations.

    What I expect is that the widget automatically shows (or hides) on all translations of the page I select. Another option is to list the translated pages along with the original ones in the dropdown so that I can select to show/hide the widget on the original + its translations (or whatever I decide).

    Makes sense?

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  • Plugin Author dFactory


    Thanks Hassan,

    We’re using Restrict Widgets along WPML and didn’t noticed the issue. I mean if you create a widget and display it on a selected page it is being displayed on all the translations of that page also (unless you enable it for certain language only – ther’s an option for that).

    Your description of how this could work is implemented for Polylang – a WPML alternative. WPML displays only pages in your current admin language (we might force that, but a lanugage display option that handles it pretty well I think).

    However, if it’s not working for you, please post a topic on plugin forum at dfactory, because we might need some login credentials to check that at your site.

    Hmmm… that’s weird.

    I was thinking maybe it’s a conflict with another script on my site, so I went ahead and tried to replicate this on a fresh installation of WordPress and it still happened.

    Could this perhaps be language-specific? Though I don’t believe it should differ. I am testing with two languages: English and Arabic.

    What I basically did on the test site was that I created a test page in English and then added an Arabic translation of it. Then I dropped some widget in some sidebar and chose to display it only on that test page.

    When I viewed the original page on the front-end (English), the widget is there. When I switched to its Arabic translation, the widget does not appear.

    I’m puzzled. Are you able to replicate this scenario?

    Hi dFactory,

    I noticed you fixed something related to WPML in the latest release. Was that supposed to be a fix for the issue in this thread? Because I’m still experiencing it..

    Plugin Author dFactory


    Yes, but not that what you described below. We’re using RW in a way you described, so there must be another factor on your site. As I wrote before, we’d need to take a look at your install.

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