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    Hi, I’m using BlankSlate as a starting point for making themes, only HTML/CSS work since I cannot code php myself. Everything works great thank you.
    Now, I’m using WP E-Commerce on top and I’ve found a problem which exists when using BlankSlate but not when using any other theme. There is a thread here though it’s probably only me using your theme. The WP-EC widgets for ‘checkout’ and ‘latest products’ should display a list of product titles; but when viewing a category page; the product title gets replaced by the category title; thus is broken.
    The reason I’m posting here is because if I switch to TwentyTwelve theme the problem is not present, but when I switch to any theme based upon BlankSlate the problem shows up, including a default BS 3.3, so surely this is something which can be fixed with the BlankSlate functions.php? Any ideas? TY

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  • Further info, I’ve now tested this problem with several other WP themes randomly from the list and none of them exhibit the problem. Yet loading any theme I’ve made using BlankSlate makes the problem happen, including a default BlankSlate3.3 also makes the problem occur.

    Say you have a category for Toys, and you have Toy1, Toy2 and Toy3.
    The widgets work fine on any page within the site; except when you view a product category page such as Toys.
    The ‘Latest Products’ widget is supposed to be listing Toy1/Toy2/Toy3 as the most recent products, but when you view the Toys category page this list can no longer display the correct product titles, instead displaying the category title in its place. So the Latest Products list now looks like Toys/Toys/Toys, yet the links do go to the correct urls; it is only the product titles which are broken.
    Interesting to note that the problem is not happening if a category is empty; only if there are products within it.
    I can provide a link to a demo, let me know if that would help.

    So with my limited logic; it has to be something to do with the way BlankSlate handles “catz”? Or equally how WP-EC handles cats, but the reason I think you need to be involved is because your theme is the only way I can create this issue; all other themes I’ve tried seam to work fine. Thanks.

    More info again, I’ve just managed to fix it in the LatestProducts widget by changing “the_title” to “wpsc_the_product_title” (in the widgets code).
    But annoyingly the Cart widget uses a different system and is echoing: “wpsc_cart_item_name”. Nothing I’ve hacked yet fixes that one.
    So my ‘fix’ is perhaps more of a temporary work-around.
    I do not mean to point the finger at BlankSlate, it’s perhaps more likely that this issue is a result of the WP-EC code, but I really have no idea at this stage…

    You may want to use BlankSlate theme’s dedicated forums here:

    Yea thanks I’m aware of that, this issue is also posted on GetShopped (WP-EC forums) but the WP-EC developers won’t give you the time of day, I’m just thinking that this forum is the one with the major volume of traffic. I’ll post on TidyHosts as well… (3 forums for one issue)

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    Happily followed up here:

    Issue with WP E-Commerce plugin & BlankSlate


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    Version 4.0 is here:

    Let us know what you think here:

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