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  • Whenever I rearrange the widgets in presentation/widgets the page loads with errors. This is what the error dialogue box says:

    “Problems with this web page may prevent it from being displayed properly or funtioning properly…


    Line: 307
    Char: 5
    Error: “Draggables.drags[…]” is null or not an
    Code: 0
    URL: http//

    Any ideas? I’ve tried reinstalling this widget but it’s doing the same thing.


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  • We have the same issue. We tried to fix it and it appeared unfixable and the error doesn’t show up in FireFox, only in Internet Explorer on our machines.
    We went to a different web domain on a different server, installed a fresh copy of WordPress, installed the Widget plug-in and activated it. We followed the installation procedures exactly.
    We get the same error with the Default WordPress Theme.
    I’m wondering if the error is some minor glitch that is basically saying, “when the table cell that is holding the various widgets has too many widgets in it, it should expand to hold all the widgets.” And maybe the error is that the widgets kind of “hang outside” the table cell and don’t display correctly in the WordPress Control Panel –>Presentation–>Sidebar Widgets page.

    If that is all it is, hey, we can live with that. Just don’t want to find out someday that all our widgets are toast because the error had something to do with a major malfunction.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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