• I have a cf7 form for uploading media like images and videos.
    How ever the images get uploaded automatically to s3 via the form but the videos dont upload automatically. If cf7 is not used and uploaded through wp backend in media library it gets uploaded.
    Do you have any idea on this issue of cf7 why videos are nor getting uploaded to s3.


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  • Plugin Contributor ianmjones


    Nope, please contact cf7 devs to see how uploading the two types of media differs.

    i asked that forum and miyoshi said to contact here

    I have a similar issue only with eform when users upload media files. When wav files are uploaded they get assigned s3 address properly, but for some reason they do not show up in s3 bucket unless I first click on “view” for that file in media library. When .wav file is uploaded directly to media library it gets both s3 proper address and shows up in S3 bucket as well.

    Plugin Contributor ianmjones


    @kodzaks What does the _wp_attachment_metadata record in the postmeta table look like for the wav file after upload via eform compared to when you fix it by viewing the ML item?

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