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  • Hi I notice after updating to 1.5.2. The search field that is usually located at the top right side of the header have now moved underneath the site description. the search field also looks different now very generic. this is my blog
    how can i fix that? srry total noob here. 🙂

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  • i am using google chrome and safari if this helps. it happens intermittently as i refreshed my posts on both browsers. At some instances the search bar disappears entirely from the posts, homepage and page.

    Hi miliew, seems like the theme has been customized?

    i did some minor changes but not to the header or search box.

    I’ve checked the html code in and compared it with the original and the search form has been moved from inside the #content div to inside the #inner-header div.

    i’m having the same issue at

    how do you fix it?

    are you both @lavishbride and @mliew using child themes? and have header.php file inside the child theme folder?

    I’m sorry, forgot that we’ve moved the search form on the updated version. Sorry, our fault.

    If you don’t have any changes done to the header.php file, just copy the newheader.php file from the parent theme to your child theme.

    Again, my apologies for not seeing that right away.

    i am not using a child theme.

    I’m not sure what happened to your installations, but checking the source code in your website @lavishbride, the code that’s showing up is code that is in v1.5.1 where the search form is right below the site title.

    <div id="inner-header" class="clearfix">
    <hgroup id="site-heading">
    	<h1 id="site-title"><a href="<?php echo home_url( '/' ); ?>" title="<?php echo esc_attr( get_bloginfo( 'name', 'display' ) ); ?>" rel="home"><?php bloginfo( 'name' ); ?></a></h1>
    	<h2 id="site-description"><?php bloginfo( 'description' ); ?></h2>
    <?php get_search_form(); ?>

    while on v1.5.2, the call to <?php get_search_form(); ?> is done after the main navigation and uses css to position it to the top right corner.

    This is why I thought you were using a child theme and copied the old header.php file from v1.5.1.

    Anyway, can you try switching to a different theme then switch back? see if that clears things? If you have a caching plugin installed, could you clear the cache too?

    before the theme was updated to v1.5.2, did you make a copy of the header.php file and after the update, copied the contents of the old header.php file to the newly updated one?

    yes that’s exactly what i did

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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