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  • Hello jackennilsen have you read this article in regards to your plugin?

    Thanks, this is exactly what I’m experiencing.

    However this started with the latest version, so I’m still hoping that there will be a solution from the HyperCache author as disabling caching is not really an option.

    Hi, what version were you running prior to the latest version?

    Well I assume it was as I’m always installing the updates very quickly.

    In both versions these were the changes made:

    Added support for the static front page

    Added a check to remove a warning

    I don’t see anything in the above that would cause the issue with your plugin. Have you tried to revert back to the previous version to see if it starts to work again? Have you currently updated any other plugin before this issue started to occur?

    Maybe the issue exists a little bit longer and I just noticed it now… Tried to revert to the old version, but I can’t find any download.

    Updated plenty of plugins lately, but none of them seems to have a direct connection to HyperCache or UberMenu.

    Hi try this link if you want to revert to an earlier version.

    You might be correct, the issue might have existed much earlier without you noticing.

    I have tried this link, but these versions are antique.

    Found out that there was also an update of UberMenu a few days ago. Will now check with the dev as well.

    Hi jackennilsen where you able to resolve your problem?

    Kind regards.

    Nope, still living with disabled chaching. Will try to find another caching solution that works with UberMenu as the devs are sure that their latest update did not produce the issue. According to them my problem must exist for a longer time.

    Hi jackennilsen do you think that your issue has existed for a long time?

    If you do, you can try to reinstall WordPress again. Sometimes core files are corrupted in someway. Always remember to create a backup before updating WordPress core files. Also only update all files and folders except the content folder and wp-config.php file.

    Kind regards

    Thanks, good idea, worth a try. I’ll report.

    Hello jackennilsen, have you resolved your issue? Did you update WordPress?

    Kind regards

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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