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  • Hello Jeffrey,

    SEO Ultimate is something like a wp-drug. Once it’s installed, none can ever think about to hit the remove button. 🙂

    I am more than year old user of SEO-U and I can’t imagine my blogging-life without it. I love your plugin and will be happiest to see its continued development.

    I often see some other SEO plugin gets more exposure than SEO-U and I really just don’t get any damn idea how and why they get that! It’s a swiss knife and who don’t use it should suffer.

    Despite all the good fats in it, I’m suffering with a very bad problem for more than a year. The problem is with the title tag. Let’s make it clear as it might help you to do better.

    I use the title tag rewriter feature most. Every time I create a new post, I change its title from the ‘Add New’ post page. (SEO Settings). The problem is when I do that it not only changes the post’s title, also it changes the category, archive, tag’s title. I mean if i write a post in category “Food” and give the post title “Mango is the Best” then despite of showing the category title “Food | Sitename” it shows the category title “Mango is the Best”. If I add another post in that category, then it’s title changes to the recent one.

    This problem is really hampering my site’s SEO much. I am now giving some of my theme files to see, if you want to check more, I can give you my site’s admin details.

    function.php :
    loop.php :

    I tried all the settings like output buffering, filtering etc. but still no luck. Before Some months ago I wrote about it I think this time I will get this issue resolved and can’t wait for an new update.

    All the very Best.

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