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  • This is on WP 2.7, I’m using All In One SEO Plugin with it (not sure if that’s where issue lies or not, SORRY)

    My front page is static and a different page is used for posts. That page which has posts, displays same title tag as the front page, even though I chose to have a different one for this page.

    I’m unable to resolve this on my own, can somebody help?

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  • what template does your posts page use? Your home page, regardless of being static, is driven by the global settings for All in One SEO.

    Yes, main page is statis and displays title tag correcty (as set by SEO All in One).

    It’s that other page which is set to display posts that doesn’t display its custom title tag. Instead, it displays the same title tag as on main page. That is the issue I’m having – I’m trying to find the way to customize the title tag for a page that displays posts (currently NOT main page). All attempts to do that fail, it always displays title tag that is for main page.

    Would appreciate is someone could help me resolve this.

    I need help. Pleaseeee :'(

    Contact me directly here: and I’ll see what we can do. I’ll post the solution back into this thread.

    I have also noticed this, but I disabled the SEO plugin, and the same problem arose again, so I presume the problem to be in a bug in WordPress?

    It definitely seems like it’s an issue with WP itself, rather than a plug in. Hope it’ll get resolved in one of upcoming updates, even though there is no implications that it’ll happen

    We have also experienced the same issue.
    Someone should put this on the tracker.

    I have this problem, too. Is somebody working on the bug?

    Me too. This has been driving me crazy — I’m glad I’m not the only one with the problem. Hopefully the bug gets fixed soon.

    Sucked that the only Google result for this is addressing the problem and no one had fixed it. I also noticed for some reason on a “posts” page the $post->ID; always returns the ID of the first post displayed, so any attempt at trying to use that was futile, seems like a big bug.

    Anyway so I weeded through a lot of the WP functions and what not and figured out a solution. Your average title may look like:

    <title><?php wp_title('|',true,'right'); bloginfo('name'); ?></title>

    The only solution I could figure out was to not use wp_title(); and get the page title like this:

    <title><?php echo get_the_title($wp_query->queried_object_id); ?> | <?php bloginfo('name'); ?></title>

    Hope this helps other people. Also note that if you’re using that AiO SEO Pack you’ll have to do some fiddling w/ the plug-in file since it overwrites the title, and is apparently using similar wp_title() calls as any regular WordPress.


    @ beyondthepixel: thanks for the info, man!

    I also have a static front page, and also had a titling issue.

    • the static front page shows it page title now: the static page called ‘home’ shows now like (WP blog title) home instead of just the blogtitle
    • my ‘News’ page set to show the blog entries, was showing the title of the post at the top of the list, when using the function wp_title. Now that one shows like (WP blog title) News

    This titling is not only relevant to title the page, but it also helps to define the active page one is browsing to adapt the link-bar look …

    remember, wordpress is free, and it is sharing info this way, that we can solve ‘issues’. Wonderful!

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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