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  • Plugin Author Ian


    Thank you very much for the information – as a native English speaker with an English keyboard, it honestly didn’t occur to me to test for this. I imagine I know exactly what and where this is going wrong. I will fix this bug for the next release (due in the next few days). If you know of any characters that frequently have problems being displayed in browsers or in plugins/in WordPress, I would appreciate you passing that along to me.

    Also, not that you requested this, but something that would be relatively easy to implement would be customizable form prompts, so that you can ask users for their Name, or Nombre, or anything else. Thanks for the idea!

    Thx Foxy for the feedback… waiting for that new version to test it on my site.

    As for characters that are giving problems, I noticed just 2 that are causing issues for time being, those ones I already mentioned:

    “đ” and “č” (Croatian letters).

    All the special Croatian letters (that could cause issues) are:

    Plugin Author Ian


    I just pushed a new update, version 1.1, which fixes this! Let us know if you have any more issues.

    Foxy, “WP wizard from Oz” 🙂 You fixed the issue, thx!

    However, something else occurred in this “testing” activity: instead of 1 review I got 2 reviews with the identical text although I inputted just one review on the page. Did this happen to you too?

    I have also 1 question: is it possible to put Edit (review) text button in the WP back end, when we receive user review that we can correct text if needed. In which cases? If user put e.g. wrong fact about our company, product, wrong tel,. e-mail, too long text and it need to be trimmed (once I got 1000 review positive words from one user through the Facebook). etc. Is it at all possible?

    Plugin Author Ian


    You’re welcome!
    This is definitely possible, and I thought about doing it while implementing the “Approved Reviews” menu – it would have added a large amount of complexity for the 1.1 release, however, so I chose to skip it for the time being. It will definitely be implemented in the future!

    Super! Thx Foxy 🙂

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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