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    Been using the Pinboard theme and have got used to it and like it. Just having one issue that has really dropped my CTR rate around October, and trying to pinpoint what changed has been a more difficult task than I expected.
    For some reason the side widget on my site won’t show any Adsense ad units (or some other widgets as well) on the front page sidebar; and it doesn’t matter if I do the manual text widget and enter it that way, or if I use the Easy Adsense unit from the plugin.
    This only seems to happen on the homepage for some reason; the ads appear on the other pages. My site is by the way.

    Also, and this may be a related problem; had a friend check out my page to tell me if they saw ads show up on my site; and they mentioned an error message they were seeing; which I hadn’t been seeing. Well it turns out on IE there’s a script error showing up.

    I normally use Chrome, occasionally mozilla; so I haven’t noticed this before. i think these are both effecting my CTR rate that went from around 3.4% to around 1% or less. I get around 1,500 page views a day; so that equates to around 30 paid clicks difference or so a day.. with my clicks being decent over $0.50 each; that is breaking down to at least $15 in lost profit a day. So I need to get this fixed ASAP. Here’s the

    Yet I don’t know who to turn to for the answer; I call up Go Daddy and they talked me into buying Premium DNS; which made it so my page is loading faster since I had shared hosting of a couple website, and I also use a CDN with MaxCDN which is a content delivery network for images and common js etc. to get things loading fast and working with the Super Cache. Tried the W3 Total Cache before and it was causing too many bugs with plugins.

    With the exception of the Adsense CTR being really low, the ads not showing up on the front page widgets, and the error message on IE; I think the page is okay as far as functionality…
    Here’s some screen shots; First this is how the sidebar widgets show up on Chrome for the home page only; the only problem here is that the adsense ad isn’t showing up.

    Next, this is how it shows up on IE:
    The problem here is that the adsense ads don’t show up; and there is the error message that shows up on IE browsers

    I don’t really have a complex site as you can see; its beasically the different sites, I get submissions from people and add them, drop them in a particular category, and then drill down the states by monthly events, and have pages created for some of the biggest cities in the nation that warrent their own section.

    I keep dumbing down the site, making it less appealing as far as design and etc. because I keep trying to correct these issues and want to get back to blogging and getting my traffic back up again; its frustrating that I am spending all my time working on the design of such a simple site.

    Here’s an image of how one of the state festival pages shows up (Note: I dropped the Chrome and IE views to 50% here to show more)
    Here’s the Chrome view of a state page
    And here’s the IE view of the same page

    Here’s some information that might be needed to help me out;
    Currently I’m using Pinboard theme
    The plugins I use are the bare minimum in my opinion:
    Jetpack with just a few of the options activated
    Easy Adsense
    WP Super Cache
    SEO by Yoast
    Mobile Website Builder for WordPress by DudaMobile
    Ultimate TinyMCE
    YARPP; Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

    From my understanding these are all fairly common; and these were found after some research as to the best plugin to use for each of the particular issues I was working on.

    If anyone can figure out what is going on here, it’d be appreciated,

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  • Actually I figured out a workaround; I disabled and deleted Easy Adsense and went with the Quick Adsense plugin and seems to have fixed the problem; with the exception of the issue of the error message on IE. I’ll worry about that later.

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