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  • Hi John

    I spoke to you about an issue a year or 2 ago which was fixed in v2.1.12 of your plugin (corrected an issue with repeater sub fields when reordered) but this issue seems to have re-occured. I have a demo website with a series of tiles, the icon on the tile comes from a text field that is hidden to certain user roles.

    Someone logged in to my demo website today and has re-arranged these tiles, but the icons have stayed in their original position so now do not correspond to the titles on the tiles. (I hope that makes sense).

    Would appreciate if you could look in to this for me.


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  • This is the original bug that was fixed in 2.1.12 –

    Plugin Author John Huebner


    I just pushed a new version, several changes. Test it out and see if this is still an issue.

    Hi John

    Thanks for the update, after updating it didn’t re-order the icons that were out of place but I manually sorted them out and then re-ordered to test and the icons followed the text, I also logged in as one of the users with the restricted role and re-ordered and again that worked fine.

    Bit confused on the changelog where it says you’ve removed the user role field from repeaters and groups etc.. though, what does this mean exactly? I have a text field within a group which is nested within a repeater that uses the user role option and the setting is still there after udpate, where have you removed it?

    Thanks for the good work.

    Plugin Author John Huebner


    It is disabled but the repeater, not the sub fields of a repeater, so it is disabled for the entire repeater. Problem here is that in order to make this work I needed to insert fields as hidden fields rather than completely remove them in order to maintain row matching on repeater sub fields and flex sub fields. In the case of repeaters I would need to recreate hidden fields for all rows and nested fields.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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