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Issue with text extract (6 posts)

  1. HitchB
    Posted 2 years ago #


    I'm having two issues. I have been setting up nrelated plugin to work with the Style Settings Huffington Post. It should normally display the text extract.

    1/ It doesn't display any text on posts where custom text extract has been implemented.

    2/ When the custom text extract has been removed, it works well but it shows the first text that appear on the captions of the featured image.
    In other terms, it display the captions and sometimes the shortcodes or other HTML characters just before the text post.

    I'd like to display only the custom text that I have implemented in the extract. How can I achieve that?

    Many thanks.


  2. HitchB
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Sorry, is there any support for the plugin?

  3. @HitchB -- Thanks for using nRelate on your site. We definitely want to help you with this - can you let us know your site URL so we can trouble shoot the issue for you?

    Katrina @ nRelate

  4. HitchB
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Thanks Katrina,
    The site is under maintenance and not public actually. Where can I send you login access so you can see the issue. Do you have an email address?

  5. HitchB
    Posted 2 years ago #

    No answer here, I even tried to contact you on your site. I hope I will be able to use the plugin and solve the issue. It looks like a great plugin but I will have to find an alternative solution because there's a strong issue with custom text extract. It doesn't show any text extract.

  6. @HitchB -- Sorry for the delay here. We definitely still want to help. You can email us at support@nrelate.com. Since you're having issues with the post excerpt, we'd like to also take a look at your plugins list: http://nrelate.com/theblog/2011/03/14/getting-support-for-our-plugin/

    Also, we generally don't like to access publishers' sites without them being present. Instead we can meet with you over Webex (screen sharing like skype) to fix the issues for you. If you'd like to meet with us via Webex, please let us know and we can coordinate a meeting time with an engineer from our tech team.

    - Katrina @ nRelate

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