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    Noticed a possible bug when utilising the sharing tool for the home page.
    Couldn’t get it to work as I wanted it through the plugin interface, though this may be due to the design of the theme. In that the issue seems to be page template related – if a custom template (Suffusion Theme) is set, which is required in this case, it does not show at all for the page as a whole but rather for each excerpt as presented through the Ultimate Posts plugin. The intention was to offer a share the page function.

    So as an alternative I put the shortcode in the header. But it is still picking up posts rather than the page, and it is the latter which is most relevant at the Home page. Its a static page by the way.

    Also the post that is being picked up is offering a range of images from other posts on the page which wont get noticed possibly by someone sharing it.

    Assuming the “page not post” issue is resolved at some point could the open graph mechanism resolve the multiple images thing?


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  • Plugin Author Rajat Varlani


    Would you let me know your website url so that I can get an idea about the situation?

    hi there. I´m having this same problem with a site. unfortunately I can´t post the link cause it´s still in development. but since this is marked as resolved, would you post what was the solution to the problem?

    thank you very much

    Plugin Author Rajat Varlani


    Would you please share screenshot or something to explain the situation?

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