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  • Hi all, wondering if someone can help …

    I’ve just added a 3rd slider image on , the one with the Read More button. The image is 1170×500 and it is a reflection of trees in a lake. It looks fine on desktop however on mobile the picture is rotated by 90 degree so the lake edge is vertical rather than horizontal.

    The image looks fine in the ‘Edit Media’ section..very strange

    Any ideas anyone? Thaank you

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  • Which Platform/Browser?

    Looks OK in Resizer/Animate and on my iPhone4 Portrait/Landscape.

    Seem to remember seeing issues with Android but don’t have hardware to test it.

    Hi thanks for the answer

    Looks ok on windows/chrome and mac/safari but on ios7 it is strange here.

    Can you post a screenshot of your iOS 7 ?

    Screws up for me on iPod Touch and iPad1. Both orientations.

    Ah. Thought it would be EXIF-related, and so it is:

    You need to either strip out the EXIF data or rotate it in a program on your desktop that properly saves the new EXIF orientation.

    Cheers EF, you guys rock!

    RIght, I have downloaded the picture again from an attachment and it was indeed flipped. So I have edited first on the desktop flipped it correctly and set all the dimensions etc and saved it, then I have uploaded it again to WP and re-added to the slider.

    It is still doing it on iOS. I need to look into this further on how to remove the EXIF stuff as I have never heard about it

    OK , tried one more time, uploaded the image as is without cropping it first then cropped it to 1170 × 988 and saved in WP. The slider seems OK now as is without going down to 1170 × 500.

    I think I will leave it as it is now

    ON another note but still relating to pictures. HOw do you make them a little ‘blurry’ so they are not so sharp in CSS etc?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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