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    I currently have an issue with the cost of goods/retail insights plugin. While it does a good job of tracking our sales and profit margins there is an issue where it seems to track excluded order statuses. We currently have every single available status apart from the mandatory finished and the obvious complete status excluded in the retail insights report. However the net and gross revenue reports differ up to 10% when compared to woo commerce’s built in reports.

    Woo-commerce gross revenue reports that we sell for 1000 euro.
    Retail insights reports that we sell for 1010-1100 euro during the same day.

    bear in mind that every single order statues apart from complete has been excluded from the report, it seems that retail insights still counts cancelled orders into the gross revenue reports.

    On a side note, is there a possibility to add retroactive changes. while we were setting it up it took a few days to go through our stock list and changes we made wernt reflected retroactively meaning that every time we exclude a order type we have to wait a month before we can get an accurate “monthly” report so to say.

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    what could cause the difference is that the settings for excluding orders in our plugin is not synced with the settings in the WooCommerce reports.
    We tried to keep the layouts of the reports similar to the WooCommerce reports, but the calculations in the background are different, as we have to store a cost price.

    Another reason could be the way WooCommerce presents the Gross sales in the new reports.
    If you look at the ‘old’ WooCommerce reports, you will see the Gross Sales is the same as in our reports.
    The new Java based reports in ‘Analytics’ show a different Gross Sales (you will see it is equal to Net Sales in these reports, if you don’t have refunds or discounts). Instead there is a new measure called ‘Total Sales’. We show the gross revenue as sales after refunds, incl. taxes and shipping.

    Sometimes it could also be a matter of timing. Depending on the server, it can take some time to update the database, sometimes up to 30 sec.
    I tried to replicate it a number of times, but it does do the job also for cancelled orders from what I can see.

    If this doesn’t explain it, please send a screenshot or little clip to us, then we can try to replicate it:


    Plugin Contributor Robbie Cleijsen



    assuming this did the trick, I will close this ticket

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