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  • djwilko12


    On GSC’s Breadcrumbs report i saw 2 errors:
    1- Either “name” or “” should be specified
    2- Missing field “id”
    When i clicked to see which URL’s are generating those errors i saw it was from a URL we never created… and for some reason WordPress creates them…
    Its like this:
    I checked other wordpress sites adding /?p=t at the end of the URL and it seems to be generalized on WordPress. How to deal with it? How to add ¨no index¨? Or maybe you have better suggestion.
    On the other hand, what i dont understand is how GSC has recognized those urls… we never used them at all… in fact, we knew they existed after checking this Breadcrumbs report.

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  • Moderator bcworkz


    The /?p= URL parameter would properly be followed by an integer value, a post’s ID. Such an URL would take one to that post’s singular page. A value of “t” is invalid. If such URLs appear in your breadcrumb trail, there’s an issue with your theme or plugin which is responsible for breadcrumbs. WP does not generate breadcrumbs on its own. In the breadcrumb URL case, take up the issue in the responsible module’s dedicated support channel.

    If such URLs appear elsewhere, because of the filtering capability in WP, just about any theme or plugin can alter any URL generated in WP, so you’d need to identify the responsible module by a process of elimination of selectively deactivating or switching different modules.

    If no such URLs appear on your site, see if GSC can give you a referring page for the URL. Often there is no referrer provided, it’s unclear where Googlebot found the link. Without a referrer and nothing appearing on your site, it’s impossible to resolve the error.

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