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  1. litlmutt
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Hopefully someone can help. Just moved my blog from one host to another. On the old host I had wordpress 2.0.1 ( I think) when I moved to a new host, I upgraded to the newest stable release as well. Now on the old server we had an older version of sql and the database had a different name as well as users. I followed direction ala the tutorial for exporting via I think myphp admin or something along those lines. Anyway the move looked to be successful since I can see all of my previous post and even changed the structure of naming from default to name and date. That seemed smooth. However, whenever I try to post an update I get the error saying that the sql server is down Or my username and pass is incorrect. I wonder since my previous db had a different username, pass etc would that cause an issue trying to post on the new db since it was imported? Thanks for your help


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