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    Hi, ‘I have just installed this plugin into my site.
    I love it. the conversion from wp eCommerce was easy and I was able to do things with this I couldnt do with wp- ecommerce.

    I do have have an issue I’m stumped over though.

    The payment gateway is not working correctly.

    If you go to the site and try to put anything in the cart and checkout it goes to the old gateway page (which was the issue that made me switch- after an upgrade it stopped working) and gives me a 404 error rather than going to PayPal. Any help would be appreciated.

    I can easily see this becoming my cart of choice. The extensions look reasonably priced and simpler to use than what I’ve been doing previously.

    Please help.
    Below is a product page- please put it in the cart and try and check out.
    Below the link is the system info.


    ### Begin System Info ###
    	Multi-site:               No
    	Jigoshop Version:         1.9.6
    	WordPress Version:        3.9.1
    	Platform:                 Apple
    	Browser Name:             Firefox
    	Browser Version:          27.0
    	User Agent String:        Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Ma
                                      c OS X 10.8; rv:27.0) Gecko/2010
                                      0101 Firefox/27.0
    	PHP Version:              5.3.28
    	MySQL Version:            5.1.73
    	Web Server Info:          Apache
    	PHP Memory Limit:         256M
    	PHP Post Max Size:        256MB
    	PHP Upload Max File Size: 256MB
    	WP_DEBUG:                 Disabled
    	WP Table Prefix:          Length: 3 Status: Acceptable
    	Show On Front:            page
    	Page On Front:            42
    	Page For Posts:           0
    	Session:                  Enabled
    	Session Name:             PHPSESSID
    	Cookie Path:              /
    	Save Path:                /tmp
    	Use Cookies:              On
    	Use Only Cookies:         On
    	WordPress Memory Limit:   40MB
    	WP_DEBUG:                 Off
    	DISPLAY ERRORS:           N/A
    	FSOCKOPEN:                Your server supports fsockopen.
    	Admin SSL: 2.0-b2
    	Akismet: 3.0.0
    	All In One SEO Pack: 2.1.7
    	AStickyPostOrderER: 0.3.1
    	AVH Extended Categories Widgets: 3.9.3
    	Breadcrumb NavXT: 5.1.0
    	Contact Form DB: 2.7.5
    	Convert Post Types: 1.4
    	Custom Dashboard Help: 3.0
    	CyStat: 0.9.8
    	Debug Bar: 0.8.1
    	Debug Bar Actions and Filters Addon: 1.4.1
    	Dropdown Menu Widget: 1.9.3
    	Easy Admin Color Schemes: 4.2
    	Eggplant 301 Redirects: 2.1.2
    	Fast Secure Contact Form: 4.0.20
    	footerURLGen: 1.0
    	Google Analytics Dashboard: 2.0.5
    	Google Analytics for WordPress: 4.3.5
    	Google XML Sitemaps: 4.0.6
    	HTML in Category Descriptions: 1.2.1
    	iThemes Security: 4.2.13
    	Jigoshop: 1.9.6
    	Jigoshop - WP eCommerce to Jigoshop converter: 1.0.0
    	Lightbox 2: 2.9.2
    	My Custom Widgets: 2.0.5
    	Online Backup for WordPress: 3.0.4
    	Orzeszek Tag Cloud: 1.1
    	pageMash: 1.3.0
    	Page Tagger: 0.4.2
    	Posts List: 0.4.2
    	Post Type Converter: 0.3
    	PS Auto Sitemap: 1.1.8
    	Redirection: 2.3.4
    	Robots Meta: 3.3.1
    	Search & Replace: 2.6.5
    	SEO Friendly Images: 2.7.6
    	SEO Power: 1.10
    	Sub Categories Widget: 1.2
    	Wordpress Breadcrumbs: 1.2.3
    	WordPress Category Posts: 2.0
    	WordPress Database Backup: 2.2.4
    	WordPress Mobile Pack: 2.0.1
    	WP-DBManager: 2.70
    	WP-FileManager: 1.4.0
    	WP Category Post List Widget: 2.0.3
    	WP No Category Base - WPML compatible: 1.1.0
    	WP Realtime Sitemap: 1.5.4
    	Kinyonga: 1.0
    	### End System Info ###

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  • hmmm. I can’t seem to remove this thread. I figured out the issue with the old plugin.
    I like this plugin so much better but I had to do the thing that got his ability to take orders up and running again. I’ll look into this at another time.

    Plugin Author Jigoshop Support – Paul


    Hi Mike Davis,

    Updated version of Paypal plugin is available free of charge 😉

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