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  • So, I think this will be an elegant solution for managing shortcodes for me. =)

    I am seeing an issue in the shortcode editor. The problem I’m seeing is that if I post large chunks of html, the edit screen expands to the full width of my screen, which messes up the layout a bit and then I no longer have the ability to click save. Meaning when I click save, nothing happens, as though some other element is sitting on top of it.

    This does happen on Windows Chrome, FF and IE9. I also tested on 3.4.2 and 3.5.

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  • Figured I’d chime in with something that might be of interest. Applying the css below addresses the wonkiness that happens with the layout when posting large chunks of code into the code mirror editor area in your plugin. I’ve only tested on Chrome, FF, IE8/9. You may wish to test elsewhere, or come up with a less slipshod solution as the one I presented. =)

    #form-php-body-wrapper .CodeMirror-scroll {
    max-width: 750px;
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