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  • I am creating a wordpress site for a client, When using the visual editor to post, I assume that it should automatically insert p tags when a line is left blank in the editor, however it does not.

    No matter what i do, the text appears rendered as a block without breaks or paragraphs.

    When i change theme, the issue is resolved, so i thought that it may be an issue with CSS, however when I use the html editor, and manually add p tags, it works fine, but as soon as i switch to the visual editor the tags are deleted and i’m back to a wall of text.

    I am reluctant to try and teach my client how to use the html editor, so any help would be great.

    I have read many similar forum posts however the solutions there are vague, or do not apply to my situation.

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  • When i change theme, the issue is resolved

    Are you saying this only happens in a certain theme? Which one?

    Are you switching between visual and text editors before saving changes? That’s generally very problematic – known quirk.

    Only happens to me in Evolve! theme by themeriver, i have changed some of the php and css myself though, but I don’t recall changing anything related to that.

    The problem persists when using visual editor without switching to text. basically, there is no way in the visual editor to break text into paragraphs.

    oops, themegiant not themeriver

    If it’s a theme specific issue, then you’ll need to ask the developer for help with it – these forums only support the themes from the repository on this site.

    But you could also try deactivating your plugins to see if any may be causing that problem.

    Of course i will talk to the developer, but it would be great if anyone on the forum had an idea what could cause it, and maybe how to fix it myself in case i can’t contact them

    Well, someone might chime in, but it’s kind of a tricky sort of question, especially if you’ve made changes and since we don’t have access to the theme code, etc. Hopefully the dev will be helpful :)!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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