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    What I am trying to do is create this site so that when it opens in the browser window, the entire page is so small that the IE or FF generated scroll bar is not generated.

    What I would like to happen is that I set the entry sections so that they are seperate from the entire page and I can insert a scroll bar into only the post section….

    That way, users can scroll through posts without having to use the normal scroll bar, which will mess things up….

    In FF, what it has done it put the entire container in a scroll bar for all hidden content

    What it has done in IE is the same thing, except the post info (Date, Author, Comments) Now float below the post when I scroll down, moving around….

    How do I get this to stay stable, and how do I isolate the post area (The lighter grey box) so that I can control it with a special scroll bar (I already have a code for this)

    Thanks so much

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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