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  • We are having 2 problems with getting the Organizers to show on events.
    [1] To get the Organizers to show, we found another thread, and we added this temporary fix:

    In modules/meta.php

    // Include organizer meta if appropriate

    if ( tribe_has_organizer() ) {NOTE:This wasn’t working – for the events where the organizers weren’t showing up , the if was resolving like it didn’t have an organizer, even if there were organizers listed. We commented that out.}
    tribe_get_template_part( ‘modules/meta/organizer’ );


    So we always call the tribe_get_template_part function, and it works fine, the organizers show up in all cases. However, it’s only a workaround, as it will also say “Organizer” even if there are no organizers for the event, since we are only taking out the part that checks if there are organizers, since that was failing to return the correct value.

    When this is corrected in the plugin, we will then remove the /tribe-events/modules/meta.php in our theme that is now overriding the plugin.

    [2] The administrative page for the event will only show up to 3 organizers. We are able to enter more than 3, and now (using the fix in [1] above) they all show correctly on the front-end for the event, but the edit screen will only show the first 3.

    Let me know if you need any further information.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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  • Hey,

    Thanks for reaching out, I’m happy to help today. It seems like this issue is limited to your specific configuration as I’m unable to replicate it. I would recommend switching to one of the default themes (ie Twenty-Sixteen) and disabling your other plugins and checking to see if the problem still exists. If it does not, re-enable each plugin one at a time to help you discover which plugin is causing a conflict.

    If it is indeed a conflict, you may be able to find another plugin/theme that works for you, or you may be able to contact the creators of the conflicting theme or plugin for further support.

    Let me know how this works out for you!



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