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  • That’s strange. Did you set the WP_SITEURL or WP_HOME constants in your wp-config.php file? (that would be unusual).

    I set up the wp-config.php file exactly as told and the rah th install and it work and brought up step one. I entered in the Blog Name and my e-mail address and I get the 404 File not found screen and the URL that I KNOW is wrong.

    it seems you have some files in /blog
    and some files in /blog/wordpress
    be sure they are all where you want them

    I don’t see a WORDPRESS file anywhere on the server. What am I missing?

    I went ahead and set it up so that the password was emailed to your email address as listed on your home page.

    Actually, it’s still acting strange. Either the admin files have been modified or you have some sort of output buffer replacement going on.

    I would try downloading the files again from here and uploading them over the current files.

    it seems to be working at the moment… Thanks. What was the strange thing that it was doing?

    The links in wp-admin still point to ../wordpress/wp-admin/, which is odd since they’re hard-coded into the admin files.

    OK so i see why this is a problem now. Everything I want to do as far as set up tried to go to the blog/wordpress. I guess I will just ahve to try to start over.

    Try re-uploading the files, but make sure that you get them from the official download link, which I linked to above. It really looks like your files were altered. Can you think of any reason that might have happened?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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