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    Hi there,

    Ever since the changes to the way you are handling roles, there is now an issue that the workflow buttons aren’t displaying correctly. Depending upon the order in which roles are assigned to a user, if a role in the first position doesn’t have sufficient capabilities, then the user doesn’t see the workflow buttons (on article list view, on article page). You seem to be only taking the capabilities of the first role and not all capabilities of all roles assigned to a user…

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    I see that. Thanks for bringing it to our notice.

    Let me see how we can fix it asap and release it as part of the next release.

    Sometimes we also get duplicates of the same article in an inbox. Any idea why this might happen? Removing a row with action_status = ‘claim_cancel’ and assign_actor_id = -1 removes the duplicate… Is this likely a roles issue too do you think?

    The user that sees the duplicate is part of a group and they are the assign_actor_id of the previous step, if that helps to narrow it down?

    Plugin Author nuggetsol


    I’ll share a SQL that will help us know what is being pulled for the given user inbox.

    That will help us to narrow down the issue.

    I’m guessing something like this: that when someone claims an article, it auto triggers ‘claim_cancel’? So somehow the person who belongs to the group claims but also belongs to the -1 of the group that gets unassigned… Does that help?

    OK thanks. This is what we see in the database:

    110881 and 110883 are the ‘oasiswf’ from the duplicates.

    110881 claimed [{“send_id”:3415,”comment”:””,”comment_timestamp”:”2019-05-07 15:49:35″}] 233 -1 1001065736 108813 NULL NULL NULL NULL 2019-05-07 15:49:35

    110883 claim_cancel [{“send_id”:3415,”comment”:””,”comment_timestamp”:”2019-05-07 15:57:57″}] 233 -1 1001065736 108813 NULL NULL NULL NULL 2019-05-07 15:57:57

    If we delete or remove either claimed or claim_cancel entry, then it removes the duplicate. Removing this:

    110914 assignment [{“send_id”:3415,”comment”:””,”comment_timestamp”:”2019-05-07 15:49:35″}] 233 -1 1001065736 110881 NULL NULL NULL NULL 2019-05-07 15:59:29

    has no effect. However, for articles which don’t belong to a group, we see just submitted and assignment and removing the assignment row removes form the user’s inbox.

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    Plugin Author nuggetsol


    Can you open a ticket via –

    I will need a screenshot of the workflow.

    The issue I see is why is claim resulting into -1 for assign_actor_id. It should always result into a specific id, since this is an assignment or publish step.

    For a review step, claim shouldn’t be displayed.

    Plugin Author nuggetsol


    Fixed with the latest version of the pro plugin.

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