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    Table not loading on page using [crtools-table]. Getting the following error in console:

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘0’ of undefined
    at a.fn.init.ajax (crtools.min.js:1)
    at ua (jquery.dataTables.min.js:36)
    at nb (jquery.dataTables.min.js:37)
    at O (jquery.dataTables.min.js:29)
    at T (jquery.dataTables.min.js:31)
    at ha (jquery.dataTables.min.js:48)
    at e (jquery.dataTables.min.js:93)
    at HTMLTableElement.<anonymous> (jquery.dataTables.min.js:93)
    at Function.each (jquery.js:1)
    at a.fn.init.each (jquery.js:1)

    Thank you!

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  • Plugin Author webstulle


    Hi, bpnetworker!

    Could you give us an example of the page with this problem?

    Thank you for your issue,

    Tried switching out version of jquery, but still didn’t work. Tested jQuery 2 and 3. Now back on default v1.12.4


    Plugin Author webstulle


    Our plugin uses Jquery which included in WordPress by default.
    It must be a collision of two libraries. Try to disable yours, this should help you. If not, let us know, please.

    This problem also was discussed in this topic:

    Table not loading on page

    Plugin Author webstulle


    Hi, investlife.

    can you create new issue with link to your website with our plugin for understanding your problem?

    Table not loading on page
    The previous version of the plugin worked fine

    Disabling jQuery did not work. Plus I would need jQuery for the other features on my website.


    Yes i have the same problem, table is processing…. but never load, and i use jqery in.other plugins, like tablepress
    Graphs works correctly
    Converter doest works too

    Any suggestion is welcome

    Plugin Author webstulle


    barrenas, provide a link to your website, please, to consider your problem.

    P.S. Sorry for the late answer.


    Where im trying the plugin is there
    Thank.u soo much

    Plugin Author webstulle


    Hello, Barrenas

    Your problem is in empty of the fiat parameter of the “crtools-table”.

    You can remove this parameter or add fiat names as in the example now:

    [crtools-table coin="BTC,ETH,XRP,XMR,LTC" fiat="USD,EUR" cols="price,cap,supply,volume,change,graph" pagination="10,20,30"]

    We will fix it in the next version 1.2.1.

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    Thank u soo much, i have tryed and works.

    Just one question, i need have the possibility to give a link in tables, for example have btc ltc and eth and have the posibility to link to the specific page of each cryptocoin when you click on name or raw or similar, or maybe with a extra colum. Are the any possibility to do this? And in this case how?

    Thank u soo much again and your pluging is really good and could be the best

    I give u 5 stars for help, see u

    Plugin Author webstulle


    Thanks a lot for your review, we appreciate it.
    And we are also glad it works fine for your website.

    We considered your question. It could be a very good feature for the plugin to add a link to a specific page for each coin.

    We see a way to solve this problem:
    – To add a parameter like “baselink” which assign a base for the link.
    For example, if baselink=”/coins”, then the page for the BTC should be like “;
    or if just baselink=”/”, then “;

    We will add this feature in the next release, approximately next week (or maximum two weeks)

    If you have another idea how to make this, feel free to explain it. We are also open for other ideas and features for our plugin.


    I think that could be a great great option your baselink idea.

    Other option that i have been thinking was use a similar funtion like when you use auttomatic smart affiliate keyword when.your write a post, that for example when you have a bitcoin table, the word bitcoin are the link. Simillar that thing that do seo smart links and keyword to link cover plugins, because made more open the possibilite of write the exact link, but i dont know if its very hard to code.

    Anyway thank u soo much for ur support. I will be waiting this option😁

    Plugin Author webstulle


    We have released a new version 1.3 of the plugin and added the feature with links. Hope you will love it. Feel free to contact us.

    We will appreciate for your donation or review.
    Happy New Year 2018!

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