• Hi, I’m using Blocksy theme and PostX. I’m trying to increase font size for headings and body on Blocksy, but the changes are not being reflected. This is still an issue even when I choose “Postx not to override theme setting” in individual post pages.
    It’s not a cache issue.
    I reached out to Blocksy and they said that PostX was somehow interfering with the settings. Please guide on way forward.
    I’ll really appreciate it. Thanks
    For reference, here’s the site: bolddaughters.com

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  • Hi there ,

    PostX has global setting for Typography and color. You can control the typography and color more efficiently using the postx global setting.

    However as your case global setting is overriding the theme style and color. You need to open page editor > click on the PostX Global setting > toggle off the Override theme color and style , Override the theme typography. image for your reference .

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