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[Resolved] Issue with images and links

  • Based on advice from a previous SEO consultant, when he loaded our website into a WordPress format, he advised to have our images linked directly to our domain database image file instead of to the WP media file.
    This worked perfectly fine until the 3.9 upgrade. We started noticing issues. Once we upgraded to 3.9 we noticed issues with tiny MCE not showing the icons. Then we found out that the WP Edit is the alternative since Tiny MCE does not function. We deactivated Ultimate Tiny MCE and added and activated WP Edit.
    The problem is that the image displays are all messed up now. Some of the images are as though the image doesn’t exist and just shows a placeholder. Other image sizes are maximized to the page width, even though we specified a smaller display. I even went out and created thumbnails of the images, loaded the thumbnail and it still maximizes to the page width, and when you click on the photo it displays the thumbnail. Pretty Photo doesn’t seem to function correctly now. We are using a
    Then, our images were not correctly displaying except for those that were coded directly to a WP Table. Those seem to display. When we try to update or change any images and use our domain image file, then we have issues with the images. Some don’t display at all, some images display at at the maximum page width.
    Our Pretty Photo view doesn’t function consistently. How do we get it to work correctly and consistently?
    We are adding new files and need this to function so our customers can view the image of what they would like to purchase. Can you advise us on what to do? We have tried deactivating photos.
    We are at the point of considering ditching WordPress completely and trying another website creation tool, but that means moving over 100 webpages…. what are our options?


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  • Sorry, some of that text is messed up with my cutting and pasting. In any case our issues are with the image displays, getting PrettyPhoto to work with WP Edit and changing or updating image files.
    I did deactivate plug ins and then reactivated them.
    Also, we are using the evolve theme, which we really love better than any other theme we have tried.

    Plugin Author Josh


    Hmm… I have no idea about Pretty Photo. I don’t use it, it’s not in my plugin, and I’m not familiar with any WP plugin that provides that functionality (not saying you don’t have one, I’ve just never used one).

    So, if something is not working there… you’ll probably want to take it up with that plugin developer.

    Regarding WP Edit and the buttons; I would suggest you read the article I wrote describing troubleshooting the visual editor:

    It will provide you with clear instructions on how to identify potential conflicts in the visual editor.

    Okay, I did everything it said in your “How to troubleshoot visual editor issues.” I deactivated all plug ins and activated twentyfourteen theme and then activated the WP Edit only. The images were still messed up. I reactivated the plugins that I see as vital to my site’s function. Then I reaactivated my evolve theme. Things are better, but images are still messed up and are all displaying as “square” and not displaying keeping original dimensions. I’ll check later.

    Plugin Author Josh


    Well, you can see if the issue is originating from WP Edit by deactivating WP Edit and seeing if the issue persists. If it does, then it’s not caused by WP Edit; if it does not persist, then it’s related to WP Edit.

    Plugin Author Josh


    Just checking to see if you have made any progress…



    Sorry, we missed this email in our box and just saw it. We have the PrettyPhoto working again. I think it was related to a plug-in, but it is resolved now.

    Plugin Author Josh


    Thank you!

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