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    I really appreciate the simplicity and effectiveness of your plugin.

    I have a small problem replacing html chars, because every time I save they get converted in whateer they look on the page. For example,

    &#8211 ;

    gets replaced with a dash (I’ve added a space there as WP forum also turns it into a dash, even if i write it “&amp ;#8211;” – no spaces :).

    So, every time I want to add a new replace, I need to replace the html chars in my previous replaces or they won’t work.
    Is there anything to be done about this? Maybe add a hook to the replaces array and let me add an extra array of replaces in functions.php through a filter?

    Thank you for looking into this.

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  • I have made myself a temporary solution. In your plugin file, I have added this code to far_ob_call function, after the is_array check:

    if (function_exists('far_get_extra')) {
    	$far_extra_replaces = far_get_extra();
    	if (is_array($far_extra_replaces))
    		foreach ($far_extra_replaces as $extra_find => $extra_replace) {
    			$farsettings['farfind'][] = $extra_find;
    			$farsettings['farreplace'][] = $extra_replace;

    And in functions.php I declared my far_get_extra function which returns the array of replacements without the worry that html chars will get converted into their meanings by WP. Not sure if the $find => $replace type of array for extra replaces will work in all cases (maybe some chars aren’t allowed in keys), but it does in mine.

    I found the solution for this.
    In the end, it turns out WP has a function that prevents textarea from replacing html entities into their result:

    Therefore, both $find and $replace vars need to be wrapped in esc_textarea() on line 115 of $real-time-find-and-replace.php, resulting in:

    echo "<p id='row$i'><label for='farfind$i'>Find:&nbsp;</label><textarea rows='3' cols='30' name='farfind[$i]' id='farfind$i'>".esc_textarea( $find )."</textarea>&nbsp;&nbsp;<label for='farregex$i'>RegEx?:&nbsp;</label><input type='checkbox' name='farregex[$i]' id='farregex$i' $regex />&nbsp;&nbsp;<label for='farreplace$i'>Replace:&nbsp;</label><textarea rows='3' cols='30' name='farreplace[$i]' id='farreplace$i'>".esc_textarea( $replace )."</textarea>&nbsp;&nbsp&nbsp;<a href='#' onClick='removeFormField(\"#row$i\"); return false;'>Remove</a></p>\n";

    Please include this in the next release, if it’s not too much trouble.

    Thank you!

    Plugin Author Marios Alexandrou


    Thanks for the code to fix this issue. The latest version includes it.

    Excellent. Thank you.

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