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    I have been having an issue using any editor that uses tinyMCE on the iPad or iPhone. When I am typing and want to move my focus, the keys no longer respond. I have been following the same issue on a Moodle bug report. They have been having exactly the same issue with their tinyMCE based editor as well on iPads and iPhones. They finally determined the issue to be in tinyMCE. They added the following code to the editor’s init and it appears to partially fix the bug.

    setup: function(editor) {
            editor.onPostRender.add(function(ed) {
                ed.contentDocument.addEventListener('keydown', function() {

    here is a link to their bug post:

    It is really important to get the editor working properly. I am using wordpress and your app in a classroom setting where each student has an iPad. We are all having a horrible time typing. iPad are becoming much more prevalent in classroom settings, and wordpress is an excellent tool for use in the classroom. I hope that you can update the version of tinyMCE you use and update your plugin.


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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