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    The only issue that I found, is that when I am trying to make a continuous counter, it is not working correctly.

    This is the shortcode I used!

    [jellyfish_counter alignment=right digits=6 digit_height=60 digit_width=33 digit_padding=1 start=578 end=15313 direction=”up” digit_style=”font-family:Arial,Verdana,Sans-Serif; font-weight: 700; padding-top:2px; font-size:54px; background:#efefef; color:black;” flat=true; timestamp=”true” interval=5 ]

    I want to make it count from the 578 and end to 15313. But I want it to keep on counting regardless the reloads of the page! I cannot make it work, but this might be my problem! I would highly appreciate for any help!

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    If you want a continuous counter you need the timestamp parameter to be a string representing when the counter was t it’s start value, the timestamp should be in this format yyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss so for example let’s assume the time is now 12am on 4th June and you want to start a continuous counter that updates every 5 seconds until it reaches the end value. You’d use this in your shortcode:

    [jellyfish_counter timestamp="2015-06-04 00:00:00" start=578 end=15313 interval=5 .... ]

    Note that you could also start the counter in the past to get the same result:

    [jellyfish_counter timestamp="2015-06-03 23:11:48" start=0 end=15313 interval=5 .... ]

    This si the same as the first version because you want to update every 5 seconds and start at 578 which is the equivalent of starting 2890 seconds or around 48.2 minutes ago.

    That actually leads me onto another point, you may want to adjust the end / interval values in your original shortcode as at the moment your counter will only run for around 20 hours before it reaches the end value and stops.

    Thank you! That worked very very good! Appreciate your help!



    Suddenly this shortcode isn’t working in a widget. I have
    [jellyfish_counter start=759999 end=760212 direction=”up” format=$000,000 interval=10 tenths=false speed=200]
    And the shortcode is showing instead of the counter?

    Plugin Author Strawberry Jellyfish


    closing because the last comment is offtopic and duplicated elsewhere

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