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  • Hey buddy,

    I tested the new nouveau theme together with your excellent plugin and everything works fine, except the odd fact that the last letter is not being displayed in the top- and sub-navigation of buddypress, i.e. instead of “Articles” it says “Article”, instead of “Under Review” it’s “Under Revie” and so on. In the legacy buddypress theme this issue does not occur. Does anyone got advice?

    Thanks a ton

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  • Hey guys,

    I found out what the problem caused and here’s a quick fix. In the file ‘social-articles-load.php’ the following lines cause the problem:

    top nav
    $name =  sprintf( __("Articles", "social-articles").'<span class="sa-global-counter">%s</span>', '');
    sub nav
    'name'            =>  sprintf( __("Published", "social-articles").'<span>%s</span>', $publishCount),
    'name'            =>  sprintf( __("Under Review", "social-articles").'<span>%s</span>', $pendingCount),
    'name'            =>  sprintf( __("Draft", "social-articles").'<span>%s</span>', $draftCount),

    The quick fix I’m using is to delete
    .'<span class=”sa-global-counter”>%s</span>’, ” in the top nav line and
    .'<span>%s</span>’ in each sub nav line.

    Still, one issue remains, that the counters are not visible. Maybe someone has an idea what could be the reason, as in the legacy theme they are visible. Thanks and I hope this little fix helps you guys.


    Plugin Author Broobe


    Hi! Could you send me an email to our support address? ( I need the theme to reproduce the bug. Is it possible?


    Hey, sorry for the delay, will send you an email now!


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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