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    I have been in contact with the theme devs and they have given me information to pass on to you. Basically the category pages will not allow a sidebar to show, plus other customisations that is possible to do on the other pages. The Blocksy devs posted this to me, for you:

    Issue is, on the category pages of that plugin, both is_single() and is_tax() are true. Blocksy expects only is_tax() to be true to be able to properly detect the options that need to be applied in that context.

    Again, we’ve taken care of this edge case for the next update but this isn’t consistent with overall WordPress logic and needs to be taken care of.

    I hope that you are able to fix this as it sounds like it will be a problem in other themes as well. It doesn’t appear as if this is something that I can edit on my own like I can the templates, unless there is some code that I can add to my child theme functions?

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    Thanks for using our plugin. All ads and category page is an archive page. By default, we don’t add a sidebar here cause we don’t know the theme sidebar or widget name.

    Different themes can use different names for the sidebar.

    Yes, you can override our plugin template file and add the theme sidebar here. see how to override plugin file


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    I think you misunderstand the problem. Single ad pages are no problem in the Blocksy theme; the issue is with Single Category pages (and I assume Location as well but I am not using those so don’t know). The Blocksy theme devs have already rolled out a fix, but told me that your devs need to fix it because it will be a problem as your plugin is not following WordPress standard protocols in this respect – essentially fewer people will use your plugin if this issue isn’t fixed. Thankfully the Blocksy devs have reacted, but not all themes will – I was just passing this info on as they suggested you should fix this. I am not knowledgeable enough to know whether their advice is correct, but I would suggest that you at least look at what they have written as it doesn’t seem to be that big of a fix, and also doesn’t seem to me to be related to your reply. All the other pages affected by your plugin work correctly with the theme, including Single Ads, which is what the link you gave concerns, so I strongly suggest you look again at the code relating to single category pages. I now have no issues because the theme I use has been adjusted but I am sure many others will not be so fortunate. Kudos to Blocksy, but as it stands a big thumbs down to you, despite me liking your plugin.

    @techlabpro1 Please just try to access the category page generated by “Classified Listing” plugin and print the value of the is_single() function. You will see that it outputs true which is obviously wrong, because that is not a single post page. This happens with a default WordPress theme.

    Hope this helps in tracking down the issue. Like @awol already pointed out, we already added a check for this case on our end but it’s best if you could get rid of the false positive for is_single().

    I have problems with Blocksy theme too and a lot. The regular plugin works more or less fine, but the premium add-ons break the site. I hope for the understanding of the developers. After all, my choice is in favor of the Blocksy theme. Very sorry. I was so happy that I found what I wanted.

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    @creativethemeshq Thanks for your suggestions. But I think you know this from the plugin we can not control widget position. Cause different themes can call the sidebar in a different name. Also can use different width and CSS classes name.

    The solution is to override the plugin layout within the theme. As like we do default single or archive page.

    For a specific theme, we can add sidebar support for archive and single page.

    We got 2 requests for this theme by next week we will provide a solution for this sidebar.


    @techlabpro1 Thanks for your reply. But this was not about the widget position at all — Blocksy already takes care of the sidebar output.

    The issue here was that within the category pages of Classified Ads — is_single() function returns true but it should return false.

    Like I said, we already fixed this and it should work fine, but it’s not correct to have is_single() return true while we are on an archive page.


    @rain21 please let us know what issues you have with Blocksy and please be as specific as possible. We’ll do our best to help.

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