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  • Mickey


    In this new version all fields come checked off as default. Whereas on desktop if I have 50 fields checked off in some category automaticaly, all I have to do is click on one and the others uncheck.

    However on mobile this is a big problem, because one has to uncheck 49 fields one by one for one thats desired to be left.

    I dont know how it has been solved this way in this release, but it simply does not work well. Please consider switching it back.

    Thanks for the great plugin!

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  • Plugin Author Andrea Tarantini


    Hello Mickey,

    Probably you are using a customized 4.2.x form template. If so, you can:

    1. Edit your customized template and update it to the 4.3 template structure;

    2. Or, if you prefer, reapply the changes you made to the 4.2 template to a 4.3 template.

    Please let me know if that helps.

    Thread Starter Mickey


    I personally have not done anything, but im using KLEO template which perhaps did something.

    If i delete this current version and reinstall the prior one, will I have to set up all the fields again, or will that be remembered somehow?

    Plugin Author Andrea Tarantini


    Probably KLEO authors are using a customized template, in that case you should inform them and point them to this post:

    BP Profile Search 4.3

    In the meantime, you can safely reinstall the previous plugin version. You can find it here:

    @mickey, i have the same problem also with KLEO. Did you fix the problem ? Please tell me how.

    Plugin Author Andrea Tarantini



    Apparently @mickey has no news, and I’ve got no news too. I tried to contact Kleo authors but I’ve not heard back from them.

    I’ll keep you informed!

    @andrea Tarantini, @kubakis @mickey

    Just to share my experience with you guys and anybody else landing here, rolling back to version 4.2.4 solved all the issues I was having with this plugin but one (I think I came across this last specific issue scoping the support forum and in case will open a new thread).

    I am also mounting Kleo and registered the following:

    1)like Mickey, all my checkboxes came selected by default (mine however did not uncheck altogether just by flagging one off)
    2)All my custom xprofile select dropdowns showed up with the last alphabetical option pre-selected instead of the field label (i.e For countries the form field was by default set to Zimbabwe instead of Country)
    3) If embedded in the members page main body, multiple choices fields sometimes (yea really) were sorted out of the very form css just like a
    ol element.

    Hope these pieces of info may help Andrea fixing things up with Kleo, whose devs offer, as far as I can tell, a pretty slow followup to support requests.

    As for buddypress profile search, very weel done Andrea! As soon as I’ll have finished setting up this installation you’ll have ratings and credit as appropriate. And you should really add a donation button to your site 😉

    Plugin Author Andrea Tarantini



    Thanks for your feedback! I’ve heard back from Kleo, and they are going to release a new theme version with the new templates.

    Thanks to you for the awesome job @andrea Tarantini. I will add too any update I receive from Kleo.

    Also I’ve just opened this new thread becuase of the other problem I mentioned before, and which couldn’t be solved rolling back to previous version.

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