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  • Hi,

    I found a few issues with this plugin. Our plugin Media Library Folders includes the ability to regenerate thumbnails for a individual images or for all images on a site. When is running on a site, the thumbnail files are regenerated but there is a problem when getting the thumbnail images from WordPress using the wp_get_attachment_image(). Normally the function will return HTML like this,

    <img width="150" height="150" src="http://localhost/testsite/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/test-image-150x150.jpg" class="attachment-thumbnail size-thumbnail" alt="" />

    but after regenerating the thumbnails this function will return HTML like this:

    <img width="1" height="1" src="http://localhost/testsite/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/test-image.jpg" class="attachment-thumbnail size-thumbnail" alt="" />

    Somehow the thumbnail sizes are not updated correctly.

    Also, I noticed that the plugin generates a few PHP warnings when WordPress debugging is turned on: Undefined variable: files_not_found and Undefined index: dirname.

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  • Commenting here since this was the problem I was having. I’m curious to hear more on this.

    Plugin Author


    Hi guys,

    As we said in a previous post, the usual behavior of WordPress is changed when you use a custom media library such as Media Library Folder. Hence, is not able to work properly and it can result as unstable actions.

    We advice not to use when there’s a custom Media library, as they’re all designed in a different way, it would be impossible to create specific rules in our plugin.


    You are mistaken. Media Library Folders is not a custom media library since it only adds functionality to the standard WordPress media library. As far as I can tell, removes the standard thumbnail meta data form the postmeta table for regenerated images and it is no longer available when a thumbnail image is requested using the WordPress function, wp_get_attachment_image(). There is nothing custom about this.



    I am experiencing the same behaviour (<img width=”1″ height=”1″) but I have no custom media library. It is default media library. But, I was using “Regenerate thumbnails” plugin.
    I tested :

    – disabled plugin “Regenerate thumbnails”
    – created a new add_image_size()
    – then forced a reoptimisation on a picture
    = It did not resize the image to the new size obviously, but no width and heigh problem.

    -I re-activated plugin “Regenerate thumbnails”
    – forced a reoptimisation on this picture
    = No problem either.

    – I regenerate thumbnail with the plugin button in the picture page of media library
    = It is messed up again ( + no custom size detected anymore, it switched to full size)

    When “ Image Optimizer” plugin is disabled, “Regenerate thumbnails” works fine. I guess they are interfering with each other.



    I have same problem and I confirm this solution works:

    When “ Image Optimizer” plugin is disabled, “Regenerate thumbnails” works fine.

    Plugin Author


    Hi guys,

    We’ve released a new version of our plugin today which should help a little 🙂

    Keep us in touch, we greatly appreciate any feedback !


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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