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  • Evening,

    I have been having an issue currently with transferring my WordPress website from one server to another.

    I am slightly naive when it comes to WordPress but I have been making progress with the website itself, and followed the Troubleshoot guide WordPress offers but I still seem to be having a problem with loading the actual physical WordPress style!

    The URL is – as you can see the database was imported fine along with all the content. I have also edited the wp-config file to link from the old server to the new server and FTP connection.

    Another concern of mine is when I actually go to /wp-admin, it just refreshes the site and takes me straight back to the original URL?

    Any help would be awesome, but like I say because I am slightly naive it could just be something simple that I have missed?

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  • Your site is not containing style.css.

    Your site is not containing style.css.

    I am not 100% sure which theme is being loaded, but all the theme’s have corresponding style.css sheets in the directories, so surely that means there should be a stylesheet active?

    I think when you moved the site, database is not updated properly. Your site is running in the url and all your stylesheet is coming from ‘’.

    Basically the server has two domains linking to it, I added as the leading domain – if I switch them and make primary domain will this make the site work?

    Actually, when take source code of, no one link such as ‘’ not opened.

    Please take a backup of your database and replace this link ‘’ with ‘’.

    Hope it works otherwise let me know.

    Where can I modify this? When you say database are you referring to the SQL db?

    Oh wait, I think I see it in my cPanel, going to try reinstalling the WordPress now! Will let you know if it works or not

    Ok so basically the wordpress website was loading through rather than, i removed everything and reinstalled it – installed the wordpress via but still it doesn’t seem to be loading the stylesheet?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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